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  • Founded in 1995, Journal of electrochemistry is an official journal of the Chinese Electrochemistry Society and is sponsored by the Chinese Chemical Society and Xiamen University.The Journal of electrochemistry is co-sponsored by State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces, Xiamen University and EVE Energy Co., Ltd.

    Professor Zhao-Wu Tian served as the first chief editor (1995-2010).

    Professor Shi-Gang Sun serves as the current editor-in-chief.

    The Editorial Office of the journal is located in Xiamen University, Xiamen, China.


    Journal of Electrochemistry, Monthly: ISSN 1006-3471; CN 35-1172/O6

    International Distribution Code: M5646



    Journal scope


    Journal of Electrochemistry aims to timely report the new scientific and technological achievements / progresses in Chinese electrochemical researches. It is devoted great efforts to promote as well as to extend the international interflow of Chinese electrochemistry research in the world. To combine the fundamental and theoretical studies together with the practical applications of technologies in one volume is the main feature of this journal. It publishes more than 800 pages of Communications, Articles, Reviews, and Research Notes a year. Published Monthly, journal of electrochemistry provides research essential to the field of electrochemistry.




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