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  • Journal of Electrochemistry (hereinafter referred as J. Electrochem.), the official journal of the Chinese Electrochemistry Society, has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus, one of the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, marking a milestone that ensures articles published in the journal easily found, and enables authors of the journal to keep track of how often their articles cited by others.

    J. Electrochem. is an open access academic journal established in February 1995. It is sponsored by the Chinese Chemical Society and Xiamen University, co-sponsored by State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces, Xiamen University and EVE Energy Co., Ltd.. Professor Zhao-Wu Tian served as the first chief editor (1995-2010). Professor Shi-Gang Sun serves as the current editor-in-chief.

    J. Electrochem. engaged in publishing innovative and comprehensive researches in the field of electrochemistry that have influenced new generations of electrochemists all over the world. To combine the fundamental research studies together with the practical applications of technologies in one volume is the main feature of this journal.

    Researches interest on Electrochemical Energy, Corrosion, Electrocatalysis, Electroanalysis & Sensors, Spectroelectrochemistry & Methodology, Theories & Modeling, Electrodeposition & Manufacture, Surface & Interface are eligible for consideration. Reviews, Articles, Communications, Highlight, and Letters to the editor written in English are also accepted.

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