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    72nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry
  • The 72nd Annual ISE Meeting will be held in Jeju Island, Korea from 29th August to 3th September 2021. Jeju Island is the most popular tourist area in Korea and the venue, the “International Conference Center Jeju (ICC Jeju)” is located at the southern side of the Island. The Fall Korean Electrochemical Society (KECS) meeting will be merged into the 72nd Annual ISE Meeting to gather the community into a single conference. The meeting topics will extend from the fundamental understanding of electrochemical sciences to the foremost electrochemical technologies for the products and processes with societal impact. The meeting will be run in a hybrid format facilitating both on-site and online participation. 

    Scientific scope:
       Fundamental understanding of electrochemical technologies
       Electrochemistry-based products and processes with societal impact
       Bridging fundamental understanding in electrochemistry and product development
       Translational research in electrochemistry 
       Electrochemistry in technology innovations
       Advanced electrochemical sensing and instrumentation
       Electrochemistry in diagnostics
       Ultra-sensitive electrochemical detection for health and environment
       Electrochemistry in neuroscience and signal transduction
       Electrochemistry in medical devices
       Electrochemical understanding of redox processes in biological systems
       Advanced electrochemical technologies in energy conversion
       Next generation Li-ion batteries
       Batteries for mobile devices
       Batteries and supercapacitors for transport
       Recent advances in fuel cells
       Electrolyzers for CO2 conversion and H2 production
       Electrochemistry for green chemistry
       Advances in electrochemical processes
       New materials design through electrochemical processes
       Electroactive polymers, nanocomposites and hybrid materials 
       Advanced electrodeposition and electroplating
       Anodization and its application
       Electrochemistry at interfaces: solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, gas-liquid
       Electrochemistry in ionic liquids 
       Theoretical and computational electrochemistry 
       Recent advances in electrocatalysis 
       Corrosion and corrosion protection 
       Semiconductor electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry 
       Communications in electrochemistry

    Submission Sites

    (information from: https://annual72.ise-online.org/)
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