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    IBA 2021 Annual Meeting Successfully Held in Xiamen
  • On October 25-29, 2021, the IBA 2021 annual meeting was successfully held in Xiamen at the Harbourview Millennium Hotel, under the sponsorship of the International Battery Materials Association, Battery Technology Association of Fujian Province, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University (XMU), and State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces. Prof. Jianlin Zhang, Assistant to the President of XMU, Yi Song, Secretary of the CPC of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of XMU, and Prof. Zhaoxiong Xie, Dean of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of XMU, attended the opening ceremony of this conference, which was presided by Prof. Yong Yang, the Chairman of IBA 2021.

    First of all, Prof. Martin Winter from University of Muenster and Helmholtz-Institute Muenster, the president of the International Battery Materials Association, delivered an opening speech and best wishes for the IBA 2021 on-line. Subsequently, Prof. Jianlin Zhang, on behalf of XMU, expressed his warm congratulations on this international battery materials conference held in Xiamen. He said that IBA 2021 is one of the international leading academic conferences in the field of battery materials and technologies research. The IBA 2021 is a good opportunity to bring together scientists and engineers from academia and industry to share their research results and findings as well as to promote more international cooperation in this filed. This conference will bring significant contributions to pushing the development of battery related research toward the missions to meet the needs of human sustainable development. Mr. Mingzhu Feng, the vice president of Fujian Battery Technology Association (BTAFP), introduced the development history and status of BTAFP and the battery industries in Fujian province. He also express his hope to develop a stronger and multi-directional cooperation relationship between domestic and international related industries, universities and research institutions in the future.

    The International Battery Materials Association is a high-level academic organization focusing on the field of advanced battery materials, cells and systems. IBA annual meeting is one of the most influential international academic conferences to attract top scientists and engineers in this field. The IBA annual meeting is hosted at changing locations across the globe. Of note, this is the first time for Xiamen to hold this conference and the second time hosted in China .

    The theme of IBA 2021 is "New Horizons and Large-scale Application of Batteries". The attendees conducted extensive discussions and in-depth exchanges on advanced technologies, key scientific issues, theoretical methods, innovative experiments, characterization techniques, modeling and simulation methods in the field of battery research. Moreover, the key issues of battery systems are also discussed intensely, including safety of electrode materials, battery interfaces, solid-state batteries, high-energy batteries, next-generation batteries, automotive batteries, and market opportunities to advanced battery industry. The current status and development trend of battery technologies were also summarized and forecasted.

    Through on-line and on-site approaches, more than 80 speakers at different universities from 16 countries and 4 continents, including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Kyoto University, Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan University, were invited to present their high-level research progresses. In addition, there are more than 50 posters and 13 professional booths being set, and more than 250 domestic guests and 100 online overseas representatives participating in this conference. Besides, the conference was broadcast live by video sub-venues in XMU Siming Campus and XMU-Xiangan Campus , attracting more than 100 participants.

    The organization committee of IBA 2021 specially thanks to the support from battery companies including ATL, CATL, Xtc New Energy (Xiamen) Co. Ltd., Zhangjiagang Guotai Huarong New Chemical Materials Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Neware Technology Co. Ltd., and CAPCHEM.

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