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    The International Battery Materials Association (IBA) 2021 Annual Meeting
  • The International Battery Materials Association (IBA) is a high-level academic organization focusing on the development of battery materials around the world, and the related academic activities are managed and operated by the council of the association. IBA - 2021 will gather world-wide renowned experts and researchers in the field of battery electrochemistry, chemistry, material chemistry and mathematical science. With respect to secondary batteries, fuel cells, and new special electrochemical energy storage systems, discussion will be focused on battery core technologies and key scientific issues, the technical bottleneck of key scientific problems, innovated experiments/theoretical method, etc. Moreover, in-depth discussion will be organized regarding the electrolyte materials, solid-state batteries, battery materials interface, high energy battery, the next generation batteries, automotive battery safety issues that draw the public attention of battery industries. IBA - 2021 will summarize the current situation and the future of battery development, with new perspectives being proposed.

    The conference will be held in Xiamen, China from October 24 to 29, 2021. The main venue is located in Xiamen Millennium Harborview Hotel, with up to 300 guest seats reserved.

    Program Book (IBA-2021).pdf

    IBA2021 Annual Meeting-First-round Notice.pdf

    Guide for online Zoom meeting participants(IBA 2021Annual meeting).pdf

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