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Journal of Electrochemistry ›› 2015, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (1): 72-77.doi: 10.13208/j.electrochem.140725

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Novel DNA Electrochemical Biosensor for K-Ras Point Mutation Detection Based on DNA Polymerase I

LIN Li-qing, ZHAO Cheng-fei, JIANG Zhou-qian, WENG Shao-huang, XIE Xiao-lan, Lin Xin-hua*   

  1. Faculty of Pharmacy, Fujian Medical University, Fuzhou 350004, China
  • Received:2014-07-25 Revised:2014-09-26 Online:2015-02-28 Published:2014-10-08
  • Contact: Lin Xin-hua E-mail:xinhua63@163.com

Abstract: In this article, we developed a novel DNA electrochemical sensor for obtaining a current-time curve based on DNA polymerase I. The capture probes were fixed on the Au electrode by Au interacting with -SH, and then hybridized with the K-ras mutant target DNA as far as one base before the mutation site. After hybridizing the K-ras mutant or wild target DNA, the resulting assembly reacted with the dUTP-biotin in the presence of DNA polymerase I. Then avidin-HRP combined the dUTP-biotin on the electrode. The proposed electrode was applied for detection in TMB solution by electrochemical technology. The experimental results showed that the detection current of the proposed DNA electrochemical sensor is proportional to the logarithmic K-ras mutant DNA concentration (1.0×10-15 to 1.0×10-10 mol·L-1). It had high sensitivity and good selectivity.

Key words: DNA polymerase I, K-ras point mutant gene, DNA electrochemical sensor, current-time curve

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